What Factors Helped Hitler Gain Control of Germany

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As one of the most notorious dictators of all time, Hitler lied and manipulated his way to become Fuhrer of Germany. Using the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic to gain support, creating armies to cause fear and using his own public speaking skills and propaganda to gain trust and devotion, he created a false sense of security for the German people which began the rise of Hitler. The weaknesses of the Weimar Republic are what enabled Hitler’s rise to power. “The Treaty of Versailles” was a peace treaty written after World War I by the leaders of the nations who fought in the war; this was later named “the League of Nations”. Germany however was initially excluded from the league as they were blamed for being the cause of the war. The treaty said that Germany would have to give up land, is army was limited to 100,000 men and was forbidden from having an air force, they were forbidden from uniting with Austria to keep the economic potential to a minimum and they were to accept full responsibility for starting the war. Reluctant to give up their nation’s pride they were given two options, sign the treaty or be invaded. Incapable of restarting a war, they gave in. Another weakness was Article 48. This said that in an emergency the president did not need the agreement of Reichstag, but could issue decrees. The problem with this was that it was not said what an emergency was, and eventually Hitler used this to his advantage to take power legally. His view on this was “how fortunate for leaders that men do not think!” (http://thinkexist.com/quotes/adolf_hitler/) The Nazis gave solutions for the Republic’s problems that satisfied everyone. They knew to take total control they would have to gain as many votes as possible. The Nazis were quick to take over, using force and violence to gain power. They created several secret armies to frighten enemies; the first of these
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