Which Was More Important for Moving Hitler Closer to His Aims: the Reclaiming of the Saar or the Anglo-German Agreement?

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Which was more important for moving Hitler closer towards his aims: the reclaiming of the Saar or the anglo-geman naval agreement? One of Hitler’s aims was to abolish the treaty of Versailles. The treaty said Germany was only allowed 100 000 people in its army. However in 1935 Britain thought Germany was showing peace when they signed a treaty meaning that Germany could only have a navy 35% of the power of the British navy, but Germany were able to expand their army as much as they wanted. This caused Germany to be able to re-arm their army as much as they wanted without any opposition, even though Britain never consulted France or Italy about the treaty. Because Britain never consulted other countries, it would have caused the countries relationship to decline meaning it was easier for Germany to fully abolish the treaty because the countries didn’t have as much joint power to defeat Germany. This would have caused Hitler to move closer towards his aims. The agreement led to the German army having 800 000 men in its army and having over 2000 aircraft by 1938. This was against the treaty of Versailles meaning he had abolished a term of the treaty bringing Hitler closer to achieving his aim of abolishing the whole treaty. Overall this was important for Hitler moving closer towards his aims because it broke up other countries trust with each other meaning it was easier for Hitler to complete his other aims as the countries didn’t have the same power against him. Also it was an important reason because Britain thought that when Germany signed the agreement they were showing peace so the countries would trust Germany so would be less harsh about the treaty meaning it would be easier for Hitler to fully complete the aim of abolishing the treaty. Another one of Hitler’s aims was to expand their territory as the treaty of Versailles meant many territorial
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