Explain the Principles of Relationship Building with Children, Young People and Adults.

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A relationship can be developed between children and adults at any point of time only when they are comfortable with each other, and can communicate effectively. When they are not comfortable with each other in communicating, it will lead to misunderstanding and will try to avoid wherever possible. Positive relationships with people are very important and we should look for different ways to develop them. Some of the key points which help in building a positive relationship with children and adults are  Effective communication  Showing respect  Being considerate  Remembering issues which are personal to them  Taking time to listen to other  Being clear on key points  Maintaining sense of humor Effective communication This plays the key role while socializing and building relationship between people. During the first meeting, our facial expressions and body language can help in developing a good relationship. A friendly eye contact can complement the good use of body language and contribute in putting person in ease if nervous. Communication is a two way track in which listening is also equally important as talking. Showing respect: In order to develop a positive relationship, we need to be courteous and respect the people, try to listen and understand their point of view which they’re trying to explain us. We work with people, who come from different places with different cultures and believe. We should acknowledge and respect them. We should take time to remember their names and also ask and address them in which way they prefer to be addressed. Being considerate We should take time to understand the situation others before reacting. The child or adult may not intend to behave in an abnormal way which he/she is not. The situation or the circumstances during the day or a course of time might have forced to behave so. So take some time
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