Describe How To Deal With Disagreements Between Children Essay

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1.3 Describing how to deal with disagreements between children and young people... Conflicts can be challenging with children and young adults. They can be emotional and can struggle with conflict, Sometimes tears can appear. A disagreement might be over a number of things, ranging from a lost toy to a friendship issue. To deal with this I find the best way to deal with any disagreement a child may have is to take all parties involved to a quiet spot and talk calmly to them. Giving each child a few moments to explain their side of the story, and for the other child/ren to listen when someone else is speaking. This then shows the children that I am listening to each of them. Once the disagreement has been spoken about by the children, I then…show more content…
Building on the trust if they have an issue, I feel that the children are able to come and talk to me, and be honest with me if something difficult has happened e.g. fighting. 2.1 How to establish respectful, professional relationships with adults It is imperative that an adult has a respectful, professional relationship with adults. Even though, we as adults have our own ideas and thoughts on various different things, we also should respect others. Valuing colleagues expertise is essential because everyone has different experiences so there is always something new you can learn from other people in life. Open communication gains trust, respect and also makes for a better learning environment. Communication also helps, if you start to ‘gossip’ others may not be open to this, but also because some ‘gossip’ get lost in translation. If you respect others then they will then respect you, making the environment you work in a nicer place to be. You won’t go too far wrong in life if you always treat others the way you expect to be

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