Qcf Level 3 Children and Young People's Workforce - Standard 4

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Standard 4 : Know how to communicate effectively AOK 1 a. Three examples would be to; take interest in and maintain interest in activities or things that the children and young people are interested in; listen to them and repeat back what they have said to you so they know that you are listening and also to regularly ask them about themselves and what they like and dislike and about how their day has been etc. b. When responding to a child who is displaying aggressive behaviour towards me, I would speak quietly and try and find out what was making the child feel angry. Talking quietly may help to create a calmer situation as the child may stop shouting to listen to what you are saying. I would use difusion and deflection techniques in an attempt to diffuse the situation. At all times I would do my best to ensure that the child, myself and others in the house or surrounding area were all safe. If a child or young person was lying on the floor and refusing to move, as long as they were not putting themselves or others at risk of any harm I would allow them to do so. I would try to engage the young person in conversation and gain an understanding of why they did not want to leave the floor and I may even lay on the floor with them myself so then I would be at the same level as them when I was speaking to them. If I suspected that communication difficulties may be the cause of a situation I would try to establish what it was that the child was wanting to communicate and support the child in explaining to others what the child was trying to say or communicate. c. By giving the children and young people that I work with options and by using a mixture of closed and open questions, I would encourage them to make their own decisions. For example I could ask the child "what would you like to do this evening?" or alternatively if the child required a more direct question

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