Explain How Theoretical Models Affect The Planning And Provision Of Learning Opportunities.

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Page 6 of 28 some children in the same family develop such different personalities. Neither does it explain why children gradually develop moral codes’ (Tassoni et al, 2007: 78). People also criticise that this theory does not explain why some children gradually develop moral codes. Francesca Denney Page 7 of 28 B1- Evaluate how current influences play and different theoretical models affect the planning and provision of learning opportunities The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) (see appendix 3) provides guidelines for settings to plan activities for children which are suited to their needs, abilities and their age/ stage of development, these activities can be set out either indoors or outdoors. The EYFS also provides guidelines for settings to plan children’s next…show more content…
This can affect planning as practitioners may have to think and plan activities for children where there is a possibility that positive and negative reinforcements can be put into action in the setting, for example; praising the child when they have achieved and giving children time outs think about what they have done ‘Skinner divided the consequences of actions into three groups; Positive reinforcers, negative reinforcers and punishments’ (Tassoni, P, et al, 2007: 84). Albert Bandura’s social learning theory states that he believed children’s; parents, family, friends and teachers should be powerful role models and figures for children to imitate, for example; behaving in a way that promotes acceptable behaviour in the setting. This can affect the planning and provision of learning opportunities for children in a setting as practitioners will have to plan activities and experiences for children that will enable them and will encourage them to socialise and communicate with other children and staff ‘In social learning theory Albert Bandura (1977) states behaviour is learned from the environment through the process of observational
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