Discuss the Importance of Play in Children’s Learning and Development, Focussing on the Period from Birth to Six Years.

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Discuss the importance of play in children’s learning and development, focussing on the period from birth to six years. TASK 1 ESSAY PLAN Introduction Definition of Play and play types Play theories Infant development Play in a home setting and parent’s influence Adult support in play Play at an Early years Foundation setting Role of practitioners Montessori practice and principles, uniting work and play Influence on physical, social, cognitive and emotional development Conclusion TASK 2 INTRODUCTION Play is a crucial element in children’s learning and development, especially in their formative years from birth to six years of age. Play doesn’t have a set definition as such as it is so complex and there are many different play types and play theories I will cover briefly in this essay. My main aim is to explore and discuss how play affects children from infancy to and through the early years foundation setting. I will focus on how parents influence and support play and the very important role practitioners have once children start nursery. This essay will also draw on key Montessori principles and practices where work and play are unified and show how much play contributes and is vital to children’s physical, social, cognitive and emotional development. In conclusion I hope it becomes clear how play is an absolute key factor in learning and preparing children for tackling more demanding tasks in the future. TASK 3 QUOTES According to Macleod-Brudenell and Kay (2008, p207) “play underpins all development and learning for children young and old”. A child naturally wants to perform various tasks he sees happening in his environment and this is not seen as purely copying, but acquiring “social and cultural mores and expectations, as well as absorbing different ways of overcoming problems or accessing learning” (Morris-Coole, 2009).
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