Jean Piagets Theory

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Jean Piaget’s theory was based on systematic (schema) study for our cognitive development. Piaget believed that there were stages that you had to achieve in order to move on to the next. The order of the stages: Piagets theory came in to place by observing children. A way of applying his theory to the classroom is “use concrete props and visual aids whenever possible...” (McLendon, 2011) In my practice we set up activities for each individual need of each child to help them progress through the stage of the theory which links to Piagets theory. Lev Vygotsky’s theory was based on social/emotional development needs to show demonstration/imagination to allow a child to progress. His belief was based on the kinaesthetic technique as he believed that when children observe someone that is more advanced than them they learn from them and imitate their actions. Lev Vygotsky“...suggested that this silent inner speech and spoken social speech are connected...” (Meggitt et al, 2012. P.80). It is critical to link his theory to practice as it encourages/allows children to communicate with other children using their social skills which they have developed and allows children to build self-confidence. This theory shows us that the child’s social and emotional development/skills will increase as they learn from others when interacting. (Meggitt et al, 2012) As we use the theories above to plan activities/lessons we “Ensure that every child, young person, adult or learner is given equal of opportunity to access education and care by meeting their specific needs.” (Meggitt et al, 2012,
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