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Example Of An Interdependent Goal Essay

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  • on May 7, 2011
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Listening barriers
1.physical- misconceptions, hearing aids, loss of hearing. outside noise, inside noise causes distractions and takes away from listening, can control in some way
2.personal- when you are tired, have a headache, finances cause stress, reduces listening skills, children are clinging and annoying. someone you are in competition with, personal appearance.
3.gender-most men pay little attention to what female says, men make more money, men interrupt more, women use more speech tags, men use competitive language
4.semantic- meaning of words, words we use in certain contexts change the meaning of the word as people interpret words differently. homonyms – hear-here see-sea read-red word: set- tennis set set hair set table
Denotation-what the word actually means
Connotation- what you think the word means
Stages of listening
1.sensing stage- focusing on what is being said rather than other things going on in our lives
2.interpreting stage-understanding what the speaker is trying to communicate
3.evaluating- sorting and classifying the information you are hearing
4.responding- acting on the message to the speaker
5.memory-using your experience to relate
Listening takes effort and requires a response
Hearing act of perceiving the sound by ear
Nonverbal communication- everything but the words
expression and body language movement, eye contact, gestures, personal appearance, distance and space
Formal everything you do has a reason
informal something we do and cannot explain
Proxemics- distance and space
1.public space-classroom setting
2.social distance-seating at a table (home or restaurant)
3.personal distance-your comfortable space around others
4.intimate distance- 18-21inches close to you
Trust -   high-high performance low-low performance

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