Unit 204 Essay

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Unit 4222/205 is identical to this unit Outcome 1 1. Define the following types of abuse 1a. Physical abuse Physical abuse is a type of abuse where physical contact is made. Harm is caused to the person by i.e kicking, punching, scratching, biting. 2. Signs and symptoms Bruising, cuts, scratches, change in personality, wincing, crying, change in behaviour, unwilling to remove clothing, being aggressive towards others. 1b. Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is a type of abuse where sexual contact or sexual references are made. Can also be letting minors or vulnerable people view pornographic material. 2. Signs and symptoms Bruising in genital areas, changing in personality, panicking during personal care, screaming, and refusal of letting people do personal care. 1c. Emotional/psychological abuse Name calling, not showing the same amount of care towards a certain service user compared to others, withdrawing priveledges, removing choices. 2. Signs and symptoms Being scared of others, Withdrawn behaviour, easily upset, crying, 1d. financial abuse Withholding money, stealing money, forcing someone to sell their assets, managing a persons money irresponsibly. 2. Signs and symptoms Lack of necessities such as toiletries, untidy or ill fitting clothes. Hiding money. Being suspicious regarding money, money disappearing. 1e. Institutional abuse Regimented routines and no choice for people. Prevented from going out/ freedom 2. Signs and symptoms Withdrawn behaviour, unhappy, no interest in social activities 1f, g. Self neglect/ neglect by others Self neglect is when a person does not take care of themselves, such as not washing or eating properly, neglect by others is if a carer fails to provide good care for a person and doesn’t attend to their needs. 2. Signs and symptoms Unclean/ unkempt, malnourished, dirty bedding,
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