Hypnoanalysis Case Study

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Chrysalis Assignment by Amanda Knowles January 2012 Course Code – Leeds 1s – 2200 words Tutor - Sue Rowland Module 7 – “Explain the person’s symptoms and construct a hypnoanalysis Treatment plan and required outcome” Hypnoanalysis is a combination of investigative analytical techniques which is used to uncover incidents and/or emotions that accompany the incidents that have effected an individual in the past and are continuing to affect them. Our subconscious is responsible for recording and storing all of our experiences to ensure our survival and well-being. Some files are buried deep and will barely be accessible to conscious…show more content…
The act of improving someone else's situation in some way, even it it just involves listening, takes the persons own anxieties down a notch or two in importance and therefore they concentrate on the difficulties of others. Many professions where helping other is the main focus will have more than their fair share of people who use this tactic. Abstract Mrs X 35 feels concerned that she dominates conversations, that people do not find her interesting, worries that she will run out of things to say which would create an awkward silence. Self creates anxiety around certain people and certain social situations so will find a reason to cancel and not attend. Introduction In our initial meeting Mrs X came across as a very bright, intelligent and confident lady with no outward signs of any issues or worries as was very bubbly and outgoing in personality. Mrs X is 35 years old, happily married with no children at the moment, Mrs X holds down a senior management position in a blue chip company which brings lots of responsibility, travel and networking with a various range of people and positions of

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