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The date was December 15th, 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Johnson welcomes their new baby girl into the world in Seattle, Washington. They decided on the name Julia May Johnson after Mr. Johnson’s mother. Their little princess has blue crystal eyes with light blonde hair with the cutest button nose and tiny fingers and toes. After five years went by her mother got very sick with breast cancer and passed on March 4th, 1999. Julia’s father took his wife’s death extremely hard and was really never around anymore, even though Julia lived with her father most of the time she was with her sitter Becky. A year or so after her mother’s death her father started heavily drinking and eventually lost custody of Julia. Six year old Julia was then sent to a foster home…show more content…
She is a very brilliant girl that has straight A’s in all her classes and is always on time. Julia is a beautiful girl that is very quiet and self- conscious in other words shy. She didn’t have a lot of friends and was really hardly social. Leigh Lacey was her only best friend that she has known since 1st grade. Leigh was very sporty and athletic with green eyes and brown golden hair and always managed to maintain an A average in her studies on top of her busy sports schedule. Julia and Leigh were both on the year book committee and the school council together. Almost every single day in and after school they were together. They always stood beside each other and stood up for one another. In the hall one day Jamie Jadestone one of the most popular girls in school came over to Julia and tried to start trouble, but to bad Julia is a smart cookie and can get herself out of bad situations she just simply said “Get out of the way” and walked on and that was in between second and third hour time and Jamie was in Julia’s next class. Mrs. Appleseed who taught World Geography and didn’t stand for any clowning in her class, nothing got past her eyes. Jamie was trying to pass a note to get best friend Amy but Mrs. Appleseed saw her doing it and sent her to the principle’s office, Julia thought “She gets what she dishes out” and smiles. The next day was winter break and everyone was acting

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