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Task D – Prepare a Presentation or Report on an issue or area of public concern related to the care profession. Winterbourne View Winterbourne View was a care home for disabled people in Hambrook, South Gloucestershire, owned by a group called Castlebeck. A panorama investigation was held within the care home in 2011. They sent in a reporter posed as a new support worker, and some hidden cameras. The undercover footage in the broadcast exposed all of the physical and psychological abuse that was suffered by people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. In total 9 claims were made about the home within 3 years to the relevant authorities – including one from a senior nurse at the care home who went to the CQC about his concerns, yet none of these were followed up or investigated. The type of abuse the patients suffered through involved the following: cold punishment…show more content…
6 have been sent to jail, and the other 5 have been given suspended sentences. An investigation was then done on all of Castlebecks’ properties, and another 2 as well as Winterbourne View have been closed. There have been some different points of view in response to Winterbourne View. The public reaction was generally shock, disgust, and sadness that people could treat other people like animals. Families felt lied to, betrayed, and sometimes guilty that their family member was being treated like this and they either didn’t notice it or didn’t do anything about it. Families were told that carers had the relevant qualifications and experience required, when in fact most of them had not been trained properly and had been left to do whatever they want. It was proven through investigation that the management were aware of the level of abuse – yet they did nothing, as it seems they only cared for the profit. They had an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of attitude, not really caring about the people who were paying for their

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