Winterbourne View Abuse Case

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204 Task B Example 1 On May 31 2011, BBC 1’s programme Panorama aired ‘Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed’. The programme showed undercover film of staff at Winterbourne View, a private hospital near Bristol, abusing adults with severe learning disabilities. A reporter for Panorama, Joe Casey, had spent five weeks secretly filming whilst working undercover and said it was “the hardest thing” he had done. Panorama had initially been alerted to the story by Terry Bryan, a former nurse at the hospital who had had serious concerns. On June 1 2011, four people were arrested and the hospital owners, Castlebeck, suspended 13 employees. Five more people were arrested on June 7, followed by two more on June 9 and then another person on July 19. On June 20 2011, it was announced that Winterbourne View was to close and all patients would be transferred. Castlebeck said they would conduct an internal enquiry . Following the revelations and arrests at Winterbourne View, a government enquiry took place. As a result of the enquiry the Care Minister Norman Lamb announced that all hospital placements for people with learning disabilities would be reviewed by June 2013. Mr. Lamb said there were “far too many people with learning disabilities or autism in hospitals and they have stay there for far too long - sometimes for years”. He also said there would be greater accountability with tougher sanctions, including criminal prosecutions, on boards, directors and senior managers who allowed abuse to take place. The proposals also included tighter regulation and inspection of provision, improved quality and safety standards including more staff training and better leadership in care settings, better local planning and national support, greater transparency and strong monitoring of progress. Labour supported the government’s proposals and also called for more clarity on how

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