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Charlotte Cowen Task B Research and Account Identify two reports on serious failures to protect individuals from abuse. Winterbourne View Hospital Abuse In june 2011, a serious incident occurred known as the winterbourne view hospital abuse. It was a private hospital in South Gloucestershire which was owned and operated by Castlebeck. It was all broadcasted on television in 2011 in a panorama investigation which expose the physical and psychological abuse which was suffered by people who has learning disabilities and challenging behaviour within the hospital. The local social services and the English national regulator, Care Quality Commission, had received various warnings but the mistreatment continued. Even a senior nurse who worked within the hospital reported his concerns to management and also to CQC, but his complaint wasn’t taken up upon. The footage had shown staff repeatedly assaulting and harshly restraining patients under chairs, staff also gave patients cold punishment showers. They had even left one patient outside in near zero temperatures and had also poured mouthwash into another patient’s eyes. They had pulled patients’ hair and forced medication into their mouths. In the footage victims were shown screaming and shaking and one patient was seen trying to jump from a second floor window just to escape the torment and torture. The patient was then mocked by staff members. The abuse was reviewed by a psychologist who described the footage as torture. This had left a massive impact on the public resulting to 86 people and organisations writing to the Prime Minister about revelations. Care quality commission did a nationwide check on other facilities owned by the same company; as a result, three more institutions have been closed. CQC reported that it was a ‘systemic failure to protect people or to investigate allegations of abuse’ and has

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