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Identify two reports on serious failures to protect individuals from abuse. Write an account that describes the unsafe practices in the reviews. Winterbourne view BBC panorama set up undercover filming at Winterbourne view after it was approached by a former staff member. The investigation which was broadcast on TV showed the physical and psychological abuse which the residents who have learning disabilities and challenging behaviour suffered. The investigation showed staff members assaulting and using harsh restraining methods on the residents. The abuse they suffered included cold showers, hair pulling and being left outside in freezing weather. The victims were shown on the programme screaming, shouting and they looked terrified one resident even tried to jump out of a second floor window to escape the abuse. Without the investigation and the whistleblowing from the former employee the abuse could still be going on to this day but because of the evidence of abuse Winterbourne view was closed. After the secret filming a serious case review was opened to the abuse at winterbourne view all staff members who inflicted abuse on the residents where charged and taken to court. Six out of the 11 care workers who admitted the charges of neglect and abuse where jailed. Baby P Peter Connelly also known as baby P was a 17 month old boy who died after suffering from multiple injuries over a period of 8 month. During the time baby P was being abused he was seen by Haringey children's services and NHS professionals. Baby P was a happy baby always smiling even through the barbaric abuse he suffered. Baby P was subjected to horrific abuse from his mothers boyfriend such as he had his finger nails ripped off, he was choked, he was put in layers of clothing until he was sweating and gasping for air baby P was treat like a dog and would even put his

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