Everyone Reacts to Conflict According to Their Values

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Everyone reacts to conflict according to their values. To suggest that everyone reacts to conflict according to their values would be to assume that our values and ideals are the only things that drive our reactions. There are many instances where individuals are given very little opportunity to think rationally and clearly in the face of violent conflict, in particular. This challenges the idea of whether all our decisions are based on what we ‘know’ and ‘believe’ to be morally ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Is it possible to hold our values responsible for our reactions towards or received from conflict? This has raised awareness to re-consider the reasoning behind the reactions of conflict and what truly is the driving force for it. Arguably our instincts are to be held accountable more than our values when faced with reacting to conflict, it appears to be more appropriate to suggest that our instinct is what occurs when faced with conflict rather than our ‘values’. Values are more of a safety mechanism that individuals believe in and implement in their life for a positive purpose rather than a reactive mechanism. We have been given insight into the life of two journalists that became involved in the war in Afghan & Iraq to endeavour the truths behind the conflict of these nations and America. Michael ware is a man who soaked his life into the war in attempt to bring forth the raw truth & reasoning of the war in Afghan to expose the truth from the other side of the party where we on the outside would not have been given such inclusive information. We have Megan Stack who spent time in Iraq and witnessed many horrific situations in her journey to bring awareness to the insight of the war. Michael promotes his value of honesty through his work with dedication to find the truth he soaked himself into afghan, found a group of dedicated afghan men who he simply

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