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A. Plan of Investigation: The Tet Offensive was a psychological turning point for many Americans during the Vietnam War. This investigation will access what role the media had in shaping the negative opinions the American citizens had after the Tet Offensive of 1968. This investigation will focus on the public opinion of US involvement in the Vietman War and the trust and support Americans had for their military and government after the media’s portrayal of Tet Offensive. I will use the method of focusing on the misconceptions the press expressed to the public, false interpretations of the Tet Offensive regarding American military and government as well as facts that the press failed to express to the media. I will analyze two relative primary sources, one being a news broadcast and the other being a photograph. By the end of the Investigation I will express a complete understanding of the question, “To what extent did the media affect the American public’s opinion on the war in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive of 1968?” B. Summary of Evidence: • Tet offensive was expressed as a defeat by the New York liberal media but was agreed by many…show more content…
The misconceptions and false interpretations the press portrayed through television, news papers, and photographs played a major roll in shaping the support the US military had from its own people. Many contributors, such as Walter Cronkite and Edward Adams, of the press damaged the support of the US people due to bias, negative, and misconstrued interpretations of the Tet Offensive. The media portrayed Tet as a North Vietnamese victory, which countered Westmorland’s portrayal of Tet and made US citizens doubt Johnson’s previous statements made regarding the war in campaigns before Tet. The media affected the American public’s opinion of the war in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive to a great

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