Every Woman Matters Case Study

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Screening is a common practice that has been widely adopted to curb the rate of cancer and preventable diseases. Screening refers to medical approach used to detect disease in individuals early when signs and symptoms are not present. The purpose of this paper is to identify the shortfalls of the Every Woman Matters program and define necessary strategies to implement change. Every Woman Matters Every Woman Matters is solely a federally sponsored program that is controlled by the State of Nebraska to help low- income women to gain access to health care through screening. EWM offers breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exam a pap smears, along with diabetes and cholesterol testing. However, there are certain eligibility requirements in order…show more content…
Komen Foundation. This foundation is the result of a promise to end breast cancer. A promise made by one sister to the other, who was dying of breast cancer. Susan Komen died in 1980, and four years later her sister Nancy was diagnosed with the same form of cancer. Susan G. Komen is the ONLY organization that addresses breast cancer on multiple fronts such as research, community health, global outreach and public policy initiatives in order to make the biggest impact against this disease (Susan G. Komen Foundation, 2015). Since its inception, the foundation has given $800 million dollars to fund research. They also provide grants to support education and screening at the community level. This organization advocates for better treatment and higher quality of care for breast cancer patients. Susan G. Komen Foundation is also expanding their mission globally. This is a key movement to impact all organizations to overcome the barriers and push healthcare onto a global…show more content…
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