How Does Immigration Affect Women's Health

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Immigration and Women's Health Anna Shtukmeister University of Manitoba Women and Health 3330 Elsie Duff June 14, 2012 Immigration and Women's Health According to World Health Organization, Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. There are numerous factors that have an effect on health such as gender, family history, life style, and so on. Immigration is a unique circumstance that had a definite effect on person who is migrating in general and therefore it is affecting one’s health. In this paper writer will explore different aspects of women’s health affected by immigration using analysis and synthesis of the literature. Immigration facts Canada…show more content…
Despite the efforts, the violence still occurs leading to post traumatic stress disorder, depression and substance abuse (Alaggia, Regehr, & Rishchynski, 2009). The major factor in stopping the abuse is the self-report by the victim; however there are several barriers that prevent woman from seeking help. Some of the factors are fear of abuse becoming more severe, economic dependence, and shame. Although intimate partner violence occurs in all ethnical groups there are certain circumstances that put an immigrant woman in particularly vulnerable position. When language barrier and unawareness of supporting services are common factors preventing immigrant women from seeking help, the women who are being sponsored by the spouse to immigrate to Canada are faced with additional challenges such as fear of deportation and fear of never being able to see her children if she is deported. The immigration law in Canada states that the sponsor has to sign an Undertaking assuming all responsibilities for the sponsored person. If the sponsor fails to fulfill his or her duties sponsored person can apply for social assistance; however, most of the time women assume and being told by the abusive partner that the only way for her to remain in Canada is to stay in the relationship. Another option for the woman is to apply for…show more content…
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