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Delegating to Nursing Assistive Personnel Tracey Ford Purdue University Calumet Delegation is defined as “transferring to a competent individual the authority to perform a selected nursing task in a selected situation. The Nurse retains accountability for delegation” ( Bragadottir 2012, p10). Over the course of this paper we will discuss the pros and cons of delegation. The importance of delegation and the impact it makes on the nursing community. The five rights of delegation. We will discuss the legal implications that nurse may face if delegation is not handled proper. I truly believe that delegation is a very important part of nursing, as a nurse we cannot properly care for every need of our patient’s at all times. With the assistance…show more content…
523). This article helps us to understand the importance of confidence. It goes on to state that without proper education particularly at the bachelors levels RNs lack the confidence to delegate. Bachelor programs provide the theory needed to delegate were as real life provides experience which is in my option a building block to confident delegation. Often time’s age may play a factor in delegating for example a new nurse my lack the confidence to delegate to a more senior individual, not wanting to come off as lack of respect. Another important aspect of the RN to Aide dynamic is how the Nurse uses her new found confidence. It is important for the nurse not to use her confidence in a dogmatic manner always remembering that the goal is teamwork to ensure patient…show more content…
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