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The Change in Nursing: What the Future Holds
Kerry Dempsey
Grand Canyon University: 430V
September 16, 2012
The Change in Nursing What the Future Holds

The Institute of Medicine(IOM) along with the committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative have recognized an opportunity for change in the field of nursing. Along with the other healthcare reform laws like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the need for change is on the horizon. The IOM and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation created a report that focuses on nurses, along with the additional members of the healthcare team to transform healthcare. Nurses are the largest sector of the healthcare system. The potential for
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There are many barriers and laws that vary by state that affect a nurses scope of practice. The tasks nurses are allowed to perform are determined by the state and occasionally the facility under which they work and not defined by their education and training. By removing the scope of practice barriers this would allow nurses to maximize their value to the healthcare team. This also would play a role in the shortage of primary care providers because advanced practice nurses could assist by utilizing their education and fill these…show more content…
These recommendations are directly related to the field of nursing and how change needs to happen to improve the health and wellness of our country. The impact of the report is a life transformation for all those in the field of medicine and especially nursing. There is a great need for change that allows opportunity for growth amongst nurses due to multifaceted aspects of our changing society. It is important that we look at the field of nursing and at ourselves and make a transformation for the enhancement of healthcare in our country.

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