Truth Behind the Pink Ribbon

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Truth behind the Pink Ribbon “What is with these pink ribbons and everything?” - Barbara Ehrenreich The documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. takes a look behind the scenes of the pink ribbon campaigns by first off showing how devastating Breast Cancer is and how it affects millions of people and then shows how the pink ribbon campaigns work, how money is raised, and even questions where the money goes. Lea Pool uses many different approaches and opinions of a large variety of people to show how the campaign may not be as affective as it is shown to be, and questions what the pink ribbon actually does. Pool shows the pink ribbon as just a way to pretty up an ugly disease. Pool attempts to make a point to an audience of men and women who have been a victim of breast cancer and are now survivors, friends and family members of these men and women, and the companies who sponsor the breast cancer cause by using pink for advertisement. The sole purpose of the Pink Ribbon, inc. documentary is to tell about the pink ribbon campaigns and what effect is has on the breast cancer community. Prompting this occasion is the research of the cure and the inability to find one, millions of dollars are raised each year by all of the campaigns, such as Row for the Cure, Jump for Hope, and Race for the Cure etc., but what is unknown still today is where is that money raised going too and why is there still no cure found? Although the cure is not found, there are many factors said to affect the cause. Such as not smoking, eating healthy and working out can help prevent breast cancer. As a woman gets older, her chance of getting breast cancer increases, just as a family history of breast cancer can be a cause. Never having children or having a child after the age of 35 is another risk factor of breast cancer. “The most important risk factor of breast cancer is being a woman,” (Dr.
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