Essay On The English Colonies

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Starting with the story of the English colonies we came to the important point when the English were looking for better opportunities and a better life for their families, trying to see if in the New World they could find new settlements and had big expectations for a new future; when they arrive in America they established themselves in two regions which it was New England and Chesapeake and even know they were English by origin they grow in different societies; when they start heading to Virginia they create a though of hope about the New World because they sat their minds for the important part which it was to get there and start looking to find a better life, find gold, silver and other riches there since they all left their families in…show more content…
On the other hand, the farmers start suffering with the rules the rich people wanted to put over them, they had been left with smaller, less productive tobacco farms. They had no power in the government, because only large plantation owners were allowed to vote, the farmers were in need of more land, and they had to fight with Indians over land rights. Then it comes the rebellion of the farmers where they start fighting for justice, being abused, taxes and many other reasons; although the rebellion was not successful, it was one of the major economic and political developments in the American
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