New England Chesapeake Characteristics

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When the New England and the Chesapeake regions started to colonize more, they both had the same goals that they wanted to achieve with transferring over to the New World. They both wanted a growing and working economy that included a stable agriculture system that would lead to most success in their colony, at that time they didn’t know of the future and wanted to bring the best to England and help provide with their country. Different people from places in England settled over in different areas in the New World and the two different regions would change their characteristics and the way their social and economic structure would run. The characteristics of each region’s religion would change and have different effects on the local society. One of the bigger differences socially was the people that came to the colonies and the later effect that it evolved to with the future of their colony. In New England, most of the people that came to the colonies were families that wanted to leave England so they could freely practice their religion and focusing on building a well-built society in their colony (A). In the Chesapeake region the colonies were focusing on bringing in money for England, they first were there to find gold like the Spanish did one hundred years earlier (F). Once they found out that there was no gold to bring in a decent enough of a profit, they started to grow tobacco since the price of the product was dropping. Once they started to plant the colonists realized that the plant would just flourish on the new and fertile soil, they then had the production of that plant to feed that economy for their early settlements. In the Chesapeake areas, usually young men just moved to the region for the plantation (C). The people that came to the land had a huge effect and led to the future of each region. Another difference that showed to different
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