Colonial America Movement

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A lot of people moved to colonial America. They moved to colonial America either because the were forced to, or protested there king. Slaves were forced to move to colonial America to do labor work for Americans. The English, who became the Americans moved there because they were sick of there King’s laws and religious requirements. African slaves were forced to move to colonial America. They did a lot of labor work when they came to America. Equiano, the first free slave to publish his own slave narrative, and many other Africans had to come to America. They were slaves of England, and weren’t wanted in England anymore so were shipped to America. William Penn wrote an appeal for immigrants to come to Pennsylvania. There were more open jobs for people there, and better wages. Not many people wanted to go work here, as they’d have to do hard laboring work, but would’ve got paid good. Men should’ve gone to work here, as it involved hard labor and wouldn’t have been suitable work for women. The excerpt from Clarence Ver Steeg’s The Formative Years tells why people were exported to America. The English were overcrowded, and wanted more people to settle in there new colony, America. The people they exported were low life people like slaves, criminals, and unwanted people. John Winthrop believed that the Puritans moved to England to follow there King, but not follow his religious beliefs. James Adams believed that the primary motive for people to move to America was to not follow the King’s laws. This document does not disprove what Winthrop says, but does cause an issue to bring up an argument to find which ones right. Those are some of the reasons why people chose to, or were forced to move to colonial America. There are many reasons why people moved there. Some moved there to be free, while others were
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