Exploration And Colonization Unit Questions Essay

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Exploration and Colonization Unit Questions: Chapters 2-4 1. Why was England so slow to establish New World Colonies? During the 1500s, England was a major ally of Spain and because of this, England had little interest of colonization. During the midpoint of the century, England experienced a lot of religious conflict which was the result of King Henry VIII broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and started the Protestant Reformation. Soon after, the two religions fought for power and later on in the century, the Protestant religion became prominent and the rivalry with Spain (Catholic) intensified. 2. Explain how conditions in England in the 1600s made it “ripe” to colonize North America. Religious intolerance and social stratification in Europe made many people yearn for new opportunities to be found in America. Because of religious intolerance, people wanted to escape the persecution and go to the new world so they could live their lives freely. This was the perfect time for English colonists to colonize America, and such groups as the Pilgrims and the Puritans found their haven in their own colonies. 3. Give at least 4 reasons why so many of the Jamestown settlers died. Jamestown had 500 settlers at one point in the early 1600s. That number declined to just 60, a 90% decrease from before. There are a lot of reasons responsible for this. Although the location was easy to defend and bring supplies too, it was also a dense Forrest area that was malaria prone and this caused a lot of people to die. They also had inadequate nutrition leading to famine the first 12 years. The first settlers in Jamestown were sent for only three reasons, to convert the Indians to Christianity, to find the Northwest Passage to the pacific, and to find GOLD. Their greed for gold caused many of the colonists to make searching for gold their primary focus, and

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