Essay On Indian Removal

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Although the Indian removal is generally associated with the 1830 act of congress, the process was already being put in effect as early as the 1700s. There was pressure of the whites settlers that led to a small party of Choctaws, Chickasaws and Cherokees to move west of the Mississippi by 1807. Jefferson led the native people to believe that if they were to stay on the land they should adapt to the whites beliefs and religious mindset. The Natives where desperate and in an effort to keep their land they were willing to try anything, so they learned the English language started dressing like them and started to get educated. Assimilation was never the plan though Jefferson ultimately wanted the move the natives off their land and continue the expansion. The Native would use legal means to seek some sort of protect their right but those effort never work due to the fact that the government are the court never respected the people.…show more content…
It has been happening since the first settlers came, and it happened time and time again until the whites on the Indian’s land occupied the east coast. There were numerous treaties signed by whites and Indians but were almost always encroached upon by the white settlers and their obsession of owning all the land. In the period between 1789 and 1830, there were political constitutional and practical concerns that were formed on America’s national Indian policies. These concerns were only considered by the settlers a problem in the later part of this period and were just minute complications in the
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