Indian Pride Movies Reflection 101 and 102

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From these two videos, I have a better understand of American Indian history overview. Especially from video Pride 101, Dr. Duane Champagne mentions the removal policy of Native Indians, and because of the policy, the tribes have to move from Southeast to Oklahoma. These two videos show audiences a long history and policy about American Indians and how struggled they had been through in a native land. After I finished from these two videos, I can see many parallels between the struggles the Native American Tribes and my people encounter dealing with the U.S. Government “You can never be part of Indian. You are or you are not. It’s not the quantity of Indian blood that runs through your veins that is important, but the quality of it…..Your pride is being. I have seen people with as little as 1/50th blood quantum who inspire nations. They are truly proud of their people and ancestors. Embrace these brothers and sisters who care so much. They are our life and future” James Branham- A Monacan Indian. (Page 31) When I read this quote from Mr. Branham, it makes me feel many people don't understand the enormous pride Native American Indians take in the United States of America. Thus, present day Indians have no right to be compensated for the wrongs perpetrated against their ancestors, any more than African-Americans should be compensated for the slavery of their ancestors. While I was looking at Pride 102 video regard to American Indian treaties, I started realized how important the majority of Indian treaties were negotiated; the Federal government usually had a major issue with which it was dealing. For example, “During the revolutionary war, the government needed troops, as did the countries of England and France. Most of the land upon which the war was fought, were owned and occupied by Indian tribes.” (Pages 115) Therefore, the need for land was a primary issue when

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