Declaration of Independence and the Constitution Essay

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Declaration of Independence and the Constitution The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two fundamental documents which lead to the successful formation of the United States of America. These documents defined what the United States stood for and how it would be governed. They defended our rights as people and as a nation. Connected by the idea of independence and freedom these documents would build upon one another as the answer to Britain’s unjust political rule. Within the following paper I will portray the story of these two documents and discuss the effect it has on America today. The history of this story begins with years of hostility over who would rightfully claim North America. France, Spain and Britain all expressed their interest in calling this land their own. After many years of war a treaty was reached ultimately awarding Britain the land east of the Mississippi. For over fifty years England faced hostilities around the world and now it finally found it self at peace. However this new found peace came at a price. England now responsible for enormous debts would have to find a way to earn back its investments. Taxation would be England’s answer to the debt problem. For many years various acts were passed taxing the residents of the newly founded colonies. At first this posed no threat to England, but as time went on the patience of the colonies grew thin. Aggression towards England would reach an all time high by the 1770’s. The colonies in North America, for multiple reasons, had reached their breaking point with the unruly governing of Britain and its king. On July 4, 1776, congress approved the Declaration of Independence, formally declaring its separation from England. The Declaration defined and defended the actions taken by the Thirteen United States. It declared the colonies actions necessary to maintain the laws
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