Plebs vs Pats

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Alex Harkness History Pd. 3 Class struggle is one of the events in history that can have the most effect on a civilization. Class struggle is when one class (usually the lower class) has a problem with the laws of their city or state. One of the most popular examples of class struggle are the Plebians and Patricians. The plebs (short for Plebian) were the low class in ancient Rome, while the pats (short for Patrician) were the upper class of ancient Rome. The plebs were the main body of ancient Rome and made up the army. The plebs were sick and tired of the pats always getting what they wanted and here is why. Before the plebs got mad at the pats, the emperor of Rome created an act to keep the plebs from rioting called the ‘bread and circuses’. This kept the plebs from rioting for a little while, but not forever. Then, when Rome got bigger there was some land for everyone, but the pats decided to use the land for their own purposes. They also wouldn’t let any plebs join the government. This drove the plebs mad and they didn’t want to do it anymore. This was known as the “Conflict of the Orders”. Before the plebs ran from ancient Rome they wanted 6 problems resolved: 1. They wanted to hold public office 2. They wanted protection from supreme or imperial power with an appeal option 3. They wanted an assembly of their own 4. They wished to have the option of marrying into the patrician class 5. They want access to public land for agricultural purposes 6. They wanted to settle the problem of debts. The Patricians denied the request of the Plebians. This caused the plebs to retreat to a nearby hill, Aventine Hill. When the plebs were up there, the pats realized that without the plebs Rome was open to invasions with no protection. Also, nobody was tending to the farms (because the plebs were the only ones who
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