Essay On Importance Of Management

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Why Management is Vital in Today’s Global Market Managers can have a different impact in today’s important organizations, and two central concepts in management are effectiveness and efficiency. Managers are people whose jobs skills require them to be internally and externally focused on organizations while also maximizing corporate profits and taking care of their employees. Managers push their employee’s by working effectively and efficiently in meeting organizational goals and standards. The Importance of Management in Organizations Management stands above non-managerial employees. Non-administrative employees are the people who make an impact in today global workforce. Without non-managerial employees, an organization will be worthless.…show more content…
“The term external environment refers to a factor, forces, situations outside of the organization that affects its performance” (Robbins et al., 2014). External environments need to be closely examined because if a corporation faces problems, such as competition or competitor pricing, then sales will decline in the workforce. The term “internal environment” refers to conditions and factors inside an organization; examples include employee’s problems, conflict resolution, and bad employee morale. Great founders and leaders start businesses with good employee morale, but as businesses grow, employee morale is an essential issue in today’s business environment. Employee morale can affect the internal aspects of an organization if not treated immediately. Every business leader should conduct a “SWOT” analysis in their corporations; “SWOT” is defined as strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Such analysis can help a business reevaluate the way his or her company is running. For example, say that Juan opens a car dealership. Juan must identify the opportunities and threats present in his demographic area. If he is not careful, Juan can jeopardize his business plan, and the car dealership will not succeed in his demographic
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