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CASE ANALYSIS ON “ERIK PETERSON” ASSIGNMENT Problem statement If the General Manager’s job requirements and skills do not meet the particular organisation, there are problems to be faced, In this cases Erik Peterson is one of the example., Erik Peterson is offered the position of General Manager for GMTC, and he is assigned Hanover area to complete and sort out the issues among team members which is leading to the delay for the company to start-up its services in Hanover area. Major Issues Identified: 1. Peterson’s personal skills and job requirements for the General Manager position of GMTC have a huge gap 2. Erik Peterson was unable to build and lead a team 3. Erik Peterson experienced serious problems with interpersonal relations Main Objective: To develop a strategy, which should be effective in meeting the product launch deadline, that is due in three weeks, and streamlining the operation. Recommendations: Peterson should: 1. Prepare daily progress report, document reasoning behind his decisions and set-up calls with his supervisor to identify issues and engage him on a daily basis. 2. Get approval on the following structural change: 3. Ensure effective communication among the various teams and motivate the teams towards the common objective of meeting the target launch deadline. Initiate a rewards program. 4. Send in the communication and make himself easily accessible at all levels. 5. Set up milestones to track progress of various departments. 6. Align the sales and marketing departments to work in sync and send out a common message on the product to the KOLs. 7. To set up deadlines and success criteria so that all the team members will understand the project goals and milestones 8. Continuous support and encouragement from the higher management to make the employees inspire to achieve the goals 9. Peterson

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