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What is meant by an integrative project management process and why is this so important? What are the pitfalls if such an approach is not taken? An integrative project management process is meant to coordinate a project plan’s development, execution and to control changes (Marchewka, 2012). It is the combination of all the process and activities involved in identifying, describing, merging, fitting together and coordinating the many processes in project management. This is important because it helps the project to be completed successfully by making sure all the processes are integrated and so that performance is maximized throughout the entire cycle of the project. (Marchewka, 2012) There are 6 processes described in The PMBOK Guide to an effective project integration management. This process is important to produce a functional project plan 1. Developing the project charter – The charter should include a statement of work that the project will provide. It will also have details about the features of the new system. It also tells when the work will be done and the budget they have to work with (Marchewka, 2012). 2. Developing project management plan – This is a paper that tells how the project will tell how the project will be implemented, supervised, organized and closed (Marchewka, 2012). 3. Directing and managing project execution – This is where the work is carried out to complete the project (Marchewka, 2012). 4. Monitoring and controlling project work – This is the implementation process. The efforts and resources will be used to make sure the project meets its goals and objectives (Marchewka, 2012). 5. Performing integrated change control – This is where things might be changed or fixed and are decided on. They need to be worked into the project management plan (Marchewka, 2012). 6. Closing project or phase – This is

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