Review Macville, Prepare a Written Plan

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CASE STUDY – Review MacVille, prepare a written plan: Review the second ”MacVille” case study provided in Assessment Task 1 and prepare a written plan under the headings Roles, Resources and Environment. a. ROLES: Delegate and assign accountabilities and responsibilities to each team member, as well as to the whole team. Ensure that your plan empowers the team and individual to fulfil their delegated roles and describe how you will support their activities and initiatives. b. RESOURCES: Describe the resources the team will require in order to complete the task allocated to them. c. ENVIROMENT: Describe the work environment required for the team to function effectively with sound business ethics. Outline how a positive work environment will be created and maintained for this team. Include how team initiative and innovations will be encouraged within the team setting, how ongoing, open communication will be established and how decision making will be transparent. A. ROLES Team • High morale • Organisation´s commitment to ethical standards • Professional and moral standards (high value on honesty, integrity, fairness and respect) • Mutual accountability and respect • Strong team identity • Clarity on the team roles • Strong relationship • Agreed values • Achieve the objective of the organisation • Focused and productive • Determined to succussed • Open and honest communication • Active listening • Meet regularly to discuss issues, solve problems and appreciate each others´ contributions • Create solutions • Procedures understood • Supporting each other • Working together • To be self-evident in the venture´s operation sand interactions • Involves everyone to initiatives and innovations General Manager • Accountabilities: o Reports to CEO o Empower its employees with knowledge and resources to get results
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