Leadership Plan for Merger or Acquisition

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Running head: LEADERSHIP PLAN FOR MERGER/ACQUISITION A Leadership Plan for the Merger/Acquisition Abstract The key to a successful merger or acquisition is leadership. Organizational style and culture are blended into one and effective leadership will facilitate a smooth and productive transition. This analysis examines theoretical and practical dimensions of effective leadership. It also addresses the new structure and identifies key strategies for a successful acquisition. The global concepts of communication and empowerment are the centerpieces of the new organizational structure. The analysis also examines individual and unit performance expectations that must be maintained or improved during the process. The key to effective leadership is communication skills. The success or failure of the acquisition pivots around management effectively communicating directives and initiatives that will form the foundation of the new organization. A Leadership Plan for the Merger/Acquisition The success or failure of a merger or acquisition depends on the skill and integrity of the organizations’ leaders. The leaders of both organizations must be skilled in communication. Effective communication is the most important element in organizational behavior and is the key ingredient of successfully integrating two corporate cultures. Effective communication in this situation is merely a method of delivering ideas specific to organizational restructuring. Management must be cognizant of the need for continuous open and timely communication within the new organization. The goal of the leadership plan is to provide a blueprint for the short-term and long-term success of two organizations growing as one. Successful implementation of the plan is contingent upon developing trust and a strong sense of teamwork. The
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