Business Strategies and Proposals

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Analyze the roles and responsibilities of capture team members and determine which two roles could be combined into a single role. Explain your rationale. “The capture manager must win the order and is responsible for all prospect contact before, during, and after the proposal is submitted, conforming to the prospect’s rules. The proposal manager leads the team and is responsible for resources, planning, scheduling, and production. The program manager develops a winning solution that complies with the organization’s objectives. The proposal administrator helps the proposal manager control the proposal development process. The volume managers develop specific volumes for the proposal. They are directly responsible for all input into their volume.” (Newman, 2003). The contracts manager is responsible reading the draft and final versions of the RFP to determine of the terms and conditions is something the organization can comply with. They are also the point of contact between the organization and the government contracting officer. The marketing manager collects information about potential customers, program requirements, and competitors to support bid decisions and the development of bid strategies (Osborne, 2011). I think the capture manager and the proposal manager roles could be combined into a single role. Both roles are responsible for the entire proposal. Both must organize and coordinate all the activities required to purse the opportunity and prepare the proposal. Per Osborne, the proposal manager works for the capture manager or holds both positions. (2011). Analyze the required qualifications of capture team leaders and determine which leadership role best suits you (where you would be the most successful). Explain your rationale. The contracts manager role best suits me. As a contracting officer for the federal government I consult the FAR

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