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Abstarct: The essay I decided to write about will help students survial in college. If they choose to follow these fews steps they are in for a sure success. Ericka’s Survival Guide Today school has change from high school to college. We have the option of getting a four year degree from online schools. This is a good think for some people, who don’t have the time to go to a traditional college. However, because online is different from traditional colleges. It is harder to get through some of the schools complex system. Online school provides students with some of the same components that traditional schools provide, with a couple of different components that a traditional school may not have assess too in one place.…show more content…
When it comes to reading whether it is for pleasurable or learning students should understand what they are reading. During my Gen 105 class we discuss how the Sq3r can help students comprehend what they have read. The SQ3R is a technique used to develop reader from passive to active readers. Sq3R stands for survey, questions, reading, reciting and reviewing. Surveying is the first stage this is when a student picks up a book to determine if they would like to read it. They will look at the front of it read the introduction to see if it is as appealing as the cover. Then if he or she chooses they will ask question about the book or assignment if it is for a class. This will enforce the critical thinking part of the book. The student can ask question such as: What the topic is about? Does the topic and sub topic support the book? The next step is reading. This is where the students read for comprehension and try to understand the text and main idea of the book or story. This stage is important because it determines if he or she can figure out the main plot of the story. The next stage is recited. This is where he or she may decide to tell another student what he or she has learned. The final stage is review. Reviewing after you have read a chapter allows the content to stay fresh in his or her head. This is always good for a

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