Nt1310 Unit 1 Review

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Unit 1 review The hottest topic in Unit 1 focuses on how to successfully learn the literature. As it is shown in the professor’s lecture notes, deep reading and formal writing are unavoidable and essential steps of interpretation literature. In order to skillfully master these steps, students are assigned the reading assignment “Practical rules” about how to develop the essay in the right way. Previously, the basic thing that I know about writing paper is to follow the assignment. But how can I write in order to achieve the goals? Avoiding aesthetic evaluation warns me that different type literature has different writing style. The analytical writing assignment unlike the review doesn’t require your evaluation about this story. What the…show more content…
This masterpiece implicitly implies the girl is pregnant and the American guy wants her to abort the baby. In the whole dialogue, there are fewer explicit details that convey that fact. Only way can the reader figure out that is to analyze the metaphor of elephant or the accent of the American guy. In this part, various students give different evidence which proves that fact. In Yinjian Lin original post, she states that “That’s all we do, isn’t it – look at things and try new drinks?” (Hemingway 33) said by Jig implies they are facing a new situation, but not very clear what new thing. I nearly agree with her view because the new beers stand for new situation and the interrogative accent gives the uncertainness of their new lives with or without the baby. In the discussion board, I claim that the elephant is the symbol of the baby which some classmates are interested in that. In my opinion and culture interpretation, elephant stands for newborn thing and the beginning of the life. Therefore, it is naturally for me to connect the elephant with the baby. I use the denotative of elephant to dig out this
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