Life Essay: The Importance Of Enjoy Life

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Enjoy Life Everyone has responsibilities. Attend school, go to work, run errands, etc. Even from a young age parents give you chores to teach you how to get those responsibilities done. However, people now a days hardly get out away from their everyday lives and have fun. This lack of relaxation and enjoyment can cause people to be depressed and bored with their lives. That, I think, is one of the biggest problems growing in the world today. No one takes the time to do things that they enjoy or do things that make them happy. I for one have never supported a boring everyday life. To spice things up and keep my life lively, my friends and I would go to the Bay to enjoy a night of bliss, dancing to music so loud it shoves all thoughts from your head and out your ears. On a Saturday in February of two thousand and seven, my friends Palina, Dana, Alex and I left our boring…show more content…
Down the hall, over a sea of heads, you could see the main floor. It was underwater themed with blue and green lights swirling over the dance floor while a coral reef scene was projected onto the huge wall behind the DJ. The whole venue was five stories tall, each floor with a different theme. My favorite, next to the main floor, was the hardcore room. It had rainbow swirls illuminated by backlights and a paper mache unicorn that you could take polaroid’s with. After exploring all of the floors, I went out back to have a cigarette. They had a large canopy, kind of like a circus tent set up over the whole smoking area, it kept the rain out but not the cold. There I met a group of kids from Vallejo, we spent almost an hour chatting and getting to know each other. By the end I felt so close to these complete strangers, I had told them things about me that my friends didn’t even know. One of the girls, Luna, was getting cold and invited me to go dance with her inside on the main floor, so we pushed through the crowd and made out way

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