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Meaningful Quotations “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” (pg. 2) To me this quote means a lot, it doesn’t only say not to be afraid of what you’re doing. But to me it’s also saying how never look back. Go all out. Never stop half-way, or give in under pressure. Never be afraid of the competition. Doing this will make you become a stronger person, more determined, and want to succeed at every other dream you have in life. This quote is important in the book because Sam’s dad always told her this when she was little, and after he passed away she used the strength from those words to make it through the rest of her life. “It’s not only about what you wear, but who you are.” As Asrid is saying this over the speakers at the Halloween Ball, everyone there realizes that under their costumes they can be whoever they want for the night. But after that night is over the only way they’re going to be remember is by who they really are underneath it all. At the dance Sam can finally be “the normal girl,” not the “diner girl” or anyone else. Not realizing Nomad is Austin, the most popular guy in school. When she finally found out she decided to see how things went, then as soon as he is about to lift up her mask to she who she really is. Reality snaps back into place and the alarm on her phone goes off.…show more content…
But you can’t mess with me.” No matter how fine a kid acts to someone that annoys them. After a while that person gets so far under their skin that they snap. Sam didn’t break down in front of her step mother. She stood up to her, and told her how it was going to be. I like this quote because no matter who it is that is tearing you down, you should never let them. You should always stand up for what you believe in and stand up for how you feel. This quote is very important in the book because Sam finally stands up to

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