Importance of Being on Time

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The Importance of Being on Time Being on time is important because it shows a great level of maturity, respect for one’s leadership, and the slightest amount of tardiness can mean the difference between life and death of a fellow soldier. Being late is never acceptable under any circumstances especially when it comes to ones duties and responsibilities. I for one have learned my lesson when it comes to being on time and will use all my recourses and abilities to never let it happen again. Being on time is my duty as an American Soldier. As an American Soldier I should be on time to anything my superiors assign me to, whether it is zero two-hundred, or seventeen-hundred. I know, as a mature adult the importance of being on time. I will never lower my self-respect as a person to be late any time again in the future. I will always use all of my resources to make sure tardiness is never an issue again in the future. It is also important to be on time to show that you respect your superior’s orders. Being late shows a lack of respect and responsibility. I will always do my best to have the up most respect for my superiors, whether I agree with their decision or not. It is my job as a United States Soldier to do as I’m asked. Being on time is one of the most important things I have to do on a daily basis to show respect for my authority. In the event that I may be deployed being on time will be a number one priority of mine. Being tardy in a life or death situation could result in the loss of a fellow U.S. Army Soldier. As an American Soldier I should always be in the good habit of being on time to ensure that such situation never occurs. I will always do my best to do anything I can to ensure the safety of others. Being on time could very well save a life or two. I know the importance of being on time in any situation, whether it be life or death or not. Being
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