Prom Night to Halloween Night

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Prom Night to Halloween Night Halloween and Prom Night are events that create memorable memories in a child and teenager’s life through certain similarities and differences as dressing up casually to formally, receiving candy as to purchasing goods, one being private as to the other being public, another one is being scary as to the other being magical, and both being arranged in the evening. When I was a kid, Halloween was one of the Holidays or events that I would anxiously long for. Just hearing it made me fall into a hole of sweetness. Thinking, what should I dress up as? I could be anything my little heart desired. I could dress up as anything I wanted I could be anyone or anything and no one could or would judge me. I could pretend to be anyone and especially be a famous person for the day. That’s what Halloween was all about people complimenting you for having the best or worst costume. Even having the worst costume or best costume possible worked out perfectly well either way. Years flew by, and I was in my last year of high school I was a senior and soon I would be attending college. Prom was supposed to be the event that gave you an epic finale of four long years that were to be compensated by attending the long-waited for dance, Prom. Prom was the night of young people dressing up as cinderella and instead of the beast, prince charming. On Halloween you are able to dress up however you desire as casually and comfortably as you would like. You could pull anything out of your closet that you do not use as often and make it a costume without having to spend a dime! You are able to hand out goodies and receive them from others as well also, being able to spend time with all your loved ones as you trick-or-treat together is priceless. Halloween is taken place in the streets making transportation from one place to another not in issue as you

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