Grease The Musical

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Grease, a musical set in 1959 about rebellious teenagers and their tackling of rather trivial social issues, is a musical that has become and remained extremely popular since its release in the broadhurst theater in 1979. Some people ask, "what is this musicals appeal to people? Why is it so popular?". Well, there are several reasons. This is a musical where all the trials are trivial and less than life threatening, putting you in a place where you have only the most meager of worries , such as who will take you to prom, and how will you snag that handsome boy who just doesn’t seem to notice you. The musical also portrays a dream that many people have, going from a nerd that hardly anyone looks at to a total bombshell with members of the desired sex absolutely slobbering at your feet. Also, the musical is colorful with music that vibrates through your bones and absolutely insists that your body get up and dance. Grease appeals to so many people because it makes them feel as though they are a part of it, with characters, situations and dreams that near everyone can relate to. Grease is a musical set in 1959, a time when everyone seemed quite carefree. The dancing was more innocent, the clothes were less revealing, and the neighborhoods were friendly and safe nearly everywhere. In this movie you follow the scant trials of high school seniors, just about to jump into the whirlpool of life with enthusiasm and hope in their hearts, and a bit of immaturity still bubbling under the surface of their personalities. It makes America feel nostalgic, tweens excited to watch the cooler older generations, a parents feel excited and in tune, watching the young fiery generations and remembering their own rebellious teen wafes. The movie generally stirs up something in everyone’s should that just makes them feel, well, cool. In the movie grease, people slowly become connected
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