Halloween vs. Christmas

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Halloween vs. Christmas Countries all over the world have their own traditions where people come together for a sole purpose, to celebrate. Despite the big cultural differences, there are certain holidays that are celebrated in the same way in different if not, in all parts of the world. At the end of each year Halloween and Christmas are celebrated in a huge way. Even though they are both celebrations where people come together to eat, drink and party, they still have their differences. During Halloween and Christmas people tend to get dressed up for the occasion. At Halloween they use costumes of ghosts, witches or any other character that is famous at the moment, such as the Smurfs or M&M’s. On Christmas you do not get to see scary figures around the streets, instead elves, Santa’s, snowmen and reindeers are much more common outfits to be seen on the streets or at large public events for pure entertainment. As it is a habit to decorate according to the theme of a celebration, Halloween and Christmas also have their own signature decorations. It is very easy for one to see when the Halloween season arrives, on the number of pumpkins that supermarkets have for sale, spider webs, skeletons, scary carved pumpkins, ghostly figures, bats and black cats are all part of the spooky decorations that go along with the Halloween theme. The decorations of Halloween are designed with the intention to scare people. However, the decorations of Christmas such as ornaments, lights, poinsettias, presents, Christmas trees, reindeers and sleighs are those who bring a sense of joy, happiness and peace to oneself. Similar with decorations, the 31st of October and 25th of December both have their signature colors that one can identify the celebration with. The colors that pop out during Halloween are orange and black. These colors were chosen because of its Celtic roots,

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