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Angela Caputo Thanksgiving Writing Lab “Stand up straighter! Smile! Don’t squint!” At this point, I’m used to the orders being barked and can barely feel my lips from smiling so widely, let alone see with the blinding flashes from the yearly family portraits going off. So I know to do whatever it takes to end the pre-Thanksgiving dinner photo fest. Our family is all dressed up, and I can smell the evening’s food rooms away and hear the ending sounds of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on the TV downstairs. We seem like a classic, cookie-cutter family. And then the holiday really begins. My grandma is usually the first to arrive, complete with her leopard-print duffle bag she carried everywhere with her. After her I hear the front door open again and know that, from this point on, the house won’t have another moment of silence. There are the slightly crazy aunts and uncles, the usual wild cousins running around and, of course, the talkers who never shut up. Football arguments take place in the family room, college discussions drag on in the kitchen, causing eyes to roll among my cousins and…show more content…
Our table is overflowing with people around it other than my siblings and parents. Sometimes I look around and see the usual family faces, while other times I am surrounded by old Italian strangers who I have never seen before that come up to me and pinch my cheeks until there rosy red. I like to say that I experience diversity at its best, and because of my situation, my definition of family extends far beyond relatives. My little cousin is kicking my leg under the table, several of my family members are having what seems to be very intense conversation at one end of the table and my brother is strategically plotting how he can steal all the rolls without anyone

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