Unit 2 Animation Research Paper

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Two Animations The aim (purpose) of the animation The aim of this animation is to present to people that you should have a very good Merry Christmas on that day and for the little kids who believe in Santa. This also shows that Santa would be coming to give people their Christmas presents especially children. It is very simple to get and children would enjoy the little animation, when all the words and design come up on the screen. The animation keeps the audience interested and happy that Christmas is soon to come and the presents they will get as well. This targets people who believe in Christmas and celebrate it. Who the animation was designed for (audience) The audience for ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’ is targeting people who celebrate…show more content…
The text move away from another and this could give the viewer’s time to read the remaining words. The size of the animation is quite small but it’s still clear for viewers to read. | The audience may not pay attention to the speed of the video. | Do the features match the aim? The image on the top left side of the animation matches the features because it has the Christmas leaf which is symbolism of Christmas. The graphics of the white and red text is in bold it stands out on the green background. The quality of the image is clear, but it doesn’t show the full picture of the leaf for viewers to see. The snow flake in the animation is quite effective and is relevant for the animation about Christmas. It’s not a video and doesn’t have sounds. Without the sounds, the audience can only concentrate on the eye catching text. The animation has no ending, it just keeps on repeating itself automatically without anyone touching it, and so it doesn’t really have a navigation

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