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case 2: Build-a-Bear workshop: where best friends are made is the build-a-bear workshop concept a fad, o does it have staying power? | | Build-A-Bear Workshop has a concept that has staying power because they are creating new experiences at the time kids buy their own stuffed animal. The experience begins when kids get to pick their favorite stuffed animal, then they go through eight stations to create it, and its not just going through all these steps in a hurry, in every single one kids get involved a lot more in the “creation” of their stuffed animal. For example they get to choose among some qualities and they have to warm up the heart. The final step is when kids choose some clothes among all the options this retailer offers, and there is a possibility that kids find some outfit that might be like their own style. When kids pass all these steps they get like “their baby” because all they wanted is in that stuffed animal. It is a special one because there will not be another stuffed animal like the one they create.This retailer enforce that concept with their webpage where kids can play with others Build-A-Bear Workshop users, so the experience gotten at the store continues at home.Now costumers are not buying just the product, they are looking and buying for life experiences that this “object” or service can give them. | Describe the target costumer for this retailer | | * The target costumer of this retailer are kids, specially between 5 to 10 years old. * They also have another target, these kids’ parents because they need to make them believe their kids will have a unique experience at the Build-A-Bear Workshop and they also are the buyers. * | what can build-a-bear workshop do to generate repeat visit to the store? | | When kids create their own stuffed animal they get a birthday certificate and the information of the “creator”

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