Salvadorean Christmas Essay

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Christmas in El Salvador is celebrated to commemorate the birth of baby Jesus. The majority of the country’s religion is Roman Catholic. The church plays an important part for El Salvador in the holidays. On Christmas Eve, they go to Misa de Galo “Rooster’s Mass” in Spanish. The families there have fun going to the special event in church. After they went to Misa de Galo, the great dinner begins. There is chicken or roasted turkey with rice and salad typically for dinner. Pupusas and tamales can be served as well. Their beverages are soda, wine, beer, and horchata. That delicious dinner seems like they will get full easily! Music has an astounding role in the country during this time. The music they play and listen to often is Cumbia, Salsa, Hip-Hop, and Reggaeton. Although, many songs they play are religious based on the Catholic ways. They also play Hispanic types of music that is generally used with the flutes, drums, and rattles. Guitars, drums and flutes are popular instruments they use to entertain with their family and friends. Most of the homes owned by Catholics are decorated with a Christmas tree hung with elegant decorations like candy canes or crystal balls. Many people might have something that represents the nativity when baby Jesus was born. The scene is the figurines of Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus. Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus and Mary was the mother of Jesus. Also, the houses can be decorated with Christmas lights and verses of the Bible. Major theater and film shows are great ways to celebrate during Christmas too. It will keep you entertained and it’s pretty amusing. Other events like stage dramas and dances are fun to watch too. Those things can make your Christmas a little more entertaining. Gifts are an essential part of Christmas in El Salvador, just like the United States. Giving presents to your family and friends show
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