My Grandmother's Dumpling Analysis

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Reading Response #1 “My Grandmother’s Dumpling” In this essay “My Grandmother’s Dumpling,” the writer Amy Ma shows us how the dumplings affect her life. It describes the whole process of making dumplings during the festival. Firstly, it gave us a view of how to make a prefect dumpling. Secondly, the writer showed the reason why people eat it at that point. Thirdly, she illustrated us the process of how the whole family makes dumplings. Fourthly, when the dumplings ready for boiling, the next day was coming and she showed reader the way to eat it in traditional rules. Finally, after her grandmother passed away, she still uses her grandmother’s way to make dumpling and it became her family tradition. Connecting to my life, I did not experience the traditional New…show more content…
Nowadays the traditional festivals are not the signals of the culture and history anymore. There become the tools of the business people who do not have conscience. For New Year, many people chose to go outside to have the New Year eve dinner, and they do not make dumplings any longer. When they go outside, the business people tried to names their dishes with beautiful implied meanings, and then raise the price to earn more money. In the mid-autumn festival, the moon cake became a fancy gift but not a little cake that use for remembering relatives who are far away from the family. In the shopping mall, a gift box with several moon cakes can be selling as fifty dollars. Do you know about the dragon boat festival and “Zongzi?” Zongzi, in the history, was a food using to memorize our great poet Quyuan. But today, it has a same situation as moon cakes, business man sell them as fancy gifts. Every year my family can receive a lot of Zongzi and moon cakes as gifts. Usually we cannot finish so have to throwing them all away. Most of the people do not know the real meaning of every festival and just think it as holidays
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